We are pleased to announce that the pianists duo Ivo Varbanov & Fiammetta Tarli are in our agency as general management!


Their encounter at the house of Ilona Deckers in Milan, an eminent Hungarian teacher, explains their refined central European sound culture; yet in many aspects they seem to complement each other in rich textures of a never-ending dialogue.


A dizzying experience… Husband and wife Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli bring sparkle and swing…on…the first outing on their new label.”  
Stephen Pritchard, The Observer, UK


Husband and wife Ivo Varbanov and Fiammetta Tarli are both experienced concert pianists and musicians with a passion for unconventional music production of the highest quality.When in 2013 they joined forces and started performing as piano duo, a chemistry of musical personalities was immediately evident beyond their bond as husband and wife.


Despite their success as a duo, they have not ceased their performing activity as soloists and in various other chamber music formations.


To discover more about them, his collaborations and repertoire, check their complete biography here!


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