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Die Singphoniker belong to the small circle of internationally active vocal ensembles and are now celebrating their 40th anniversary!

Their voices, each with their own individual artistic qualities, come together in a surprising way to form a unique whole.

From the darkest depths to the brightest heights, the multiple facets of the male voice are intertwined into a homogeneous whole.

Their passion for music is transmitted to the public, involving them in a continuous musical tension that makes listening absolutely irresistible.

From Gregorian chants to the frivolity of the “Roaring Twenties” and the contemporary music

They Got You Covered!

“In their chosen field they are quite simply the best there is.”
– Fanfare

Their singphonic trademark

In varied programmes of great diversity sparks fly in performances uniting seemingly incompatible styles and compositions into a surprisingly coherent unit which is then moderated with great poise and humour.

Die Singphoniker are captivating, spontaneous, full of energy.

Their singphonic secret of success

Their musicmaking is based on friendship, mutual appreciation, conscientious dealing with the repertoire and is carried by the greatest enjoyment of vocal communication on stage.

Principles which immediately transfer to their excited audiences- creating a musical vortex that touches people and entrains them.

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