APM welcomes Maestro Cem Mansur for his general management.

We are very glad to work with him, he is a highly efficient presenter and operatic conductor. We share his belief in the importance of music as a powerful tool for influencing change in society and we appreciate the role he has given to music and his activity as a conductor in building peace, which has found expression in the direction of the Greek-Turkish and Armenian-Turkish orchestras for several years.

Mansur is passionate about the importance of music as a powerful tool for affecting change in wider society. Through his concept “The Laboratory of Democracy” (consisting also of an open rehearsal session), Mansur engages both orchestras and audiences in issues such as co-existence, different levels of leadership, the nature of authority, and of individual vs. collective responsibility, as well as the differences between such concepts as hearing/listening and leading/following.

The sessions explore the basic concepts of democracy – individual worth, minority rights vs majority rule, compromise, personal freedom, equality – all demonstrated through the model of the orchestra as a miniature society.

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